Googiehost review-One of the Worst Host Ever!!!

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GoogieHost is a both free/premium hosting provider in India. It was started in the year of 2012 by Rajesh. In 2014 April We received a mail from Rajesh to try their premium hosting for free for one year. In return he requested us to write a review about their free hosting. This was a big mistake I made in my business. Let’s see the problems we faced with this fucking host.


This is one of the Major problem we facing in GoogieHost. In starting days all works fine but after 3 months slowly problem get raised. Most of the time we faced downtime and we saw all the errors in our website. Like, Database establishing, internal server error, etc.

Load time:

Googiehost server is a fucking dead slow server in this hosting I’ve ever found in this industry (even their premium hosting package). Our website loading speed increased more than 10min+. Due to several downtime and loading speed we lost 70% of SEO in Google.


The support for premium customers was totally 0. I am giving 0/5 for their support.

Problem faced by free users:

They mostly redirect mobile traffic to their main site. This is the major problem GoogieHost users faces every time. They just redirect your site to their main site to drive traffic. This is fucking cheap provision by a company.

What losses we faced Due to this fucking Host?

Major drop in SEO:

We lost almost every rank in Google due to server down and loading speed. In our webmaster tool most of the time it shows error messages.

We lost 30K !!!!!

                            We lost almost every customer who approached us. Even though we provided very good service,  and our company site looked very attractive but it proved to be of no use without good server. Every customer of ours faced problems in loading our site which caused a big loss upto 30K.

Secrets about GoogieHost:

GoogieHost’s whole service is based on a free reseller plan at The servers are very low quality , dead slow and you will face around 50% uptime, and it is not even the real cpanel. They using  fake cpanel created by Youhosting, the child company of Hostinger.


So guys don’t blindly believe review in the internet about GoogieHost. If you are willing to buy any hosting package ask expert advice or ask reviews from users of those hosts.

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Hello sandeep,Nice reviews about Googie Host..Googiehost is one of the best free hosting provider i ever seen and After this it’s so simple for us to know much more about Googie Host. ..Thanks for sharing..

Salim Ali

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Googiehost is best free hosting provider
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Hello Sandeep. Thanks for sharing this free web hosting. I haven’t considered adding new website but this info could be useful in the future. Bookmarked for future use

Hi marilyn
Wow thats nice to hear.Thanks for bookmarking
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Thanks for sharing this awesome free hosting service, i will most definitely introduce my peeps to it.

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Nice post bro.Want to give it a try.Thanks for sharing 🙂

Thats great bro
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Yes, you are highlighting hidden and real fact of googiehost. Recently I registered my domain pointing googiehost server. After that I used my domain to their free service and installed wordpress sprit but It redirects my site to their homepage. I several time reported for my issue but they do not fix my issue. Ach ! I am really unsatishfied with it. I want to help from you sir which is best hosting service for bignner ? I hope that you will guide me.

I did not try Googiehost but since several people mentioned they are just youhosting reseller, and I did try and disliked quality of youhosting, I will be giving them a pass.

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