Powerful Online Form Builder to Create Forms, Collect Data & Payments Instantly

Contact forms can actually be re-imagined with FormGet. It’s an online form building tool with easy to use features that let you create forms for your website. With the embedded code provided, FormGet proves to be handy to users even if they lack in coding skills.

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With the fast pacing web developments every day one need to make a huge impact in a short time by making their website look more appealing and user friendly. One such part includes “building forms” which is an essential part of any website. Whatever be the kind of website “forms” are an integral part of it. FormGet gives all those easy -to-use features with which you can enhance your form building experience.


WordPress Plugin

Even you can try your hands with free WordPress plugin of FormGet. You can easily Install the plugin on your WordPress dashboard and use it.

Features and Working:

Talking about the features, FormGet is one of its kind. It has got absolutely simple and rustic appearance with no complex details to be worried about. One can simply login to FormGet website (FormGet.com) and get started. It’s just a click away.

  • Go to FormGet.com
  • Try online Form Building App directly

Login with your registered email id and you will get to see your dashboard from where you will be building your forms.




Create Forms


You just need to click on the fields under field menu that you want to add into your form. For example, when you click on the “Multiple line text” it will quickly add a multiple line text field to your form. Similarly, you can choose as many fields as you want by just a single click.

Customize Fields formget

Since the fields have been added, you can edit its properties which may include the text length, name of the field, redirect url and lot more. For this, click on the field you have chosen and there appears another dialog box which contains the options to edit the field properties.

Moreover, you can edit your form title, description about your form, instructions, and also the url of the page where the user is to be redirected on submitting the form.

Entries: This tab shows the list of entries that have been made on your website through the forms.


View Form: Click on this tab to view your newly built form.


Stats: This tab shows you the dynamic visualization of the number of clicks and entries made on your form. This has been divided into four parts which is 1 day, 7 days, 30 days and all time. The no. of days shows how many clicks and entries have been made during this period. *All time* tab shows the overall entries and clicks made till date. You can easily find your form statistics with this tab.

With STATS the person can keep track of all the entries made weekly monthly and overall. This helps one to target his users and check on the statistics of his website usage.


Embed Code: This is the outcome of the form you just built. All you need to do is just copy and paste the code to any website, blog post, page etc or wherever you want to show the form.



The setting section comes with three sub sections.

  • Email Settings
  • Custom Branding
  • Customize font colors

As soon as an entry is made the email setting will let you know by sending a notification on your email id. For this just enter the desired email address where you need to receive the notifications regarding the entries.

Now there’s another set of settings within email settings, which is listed below:

  • Email to the user after the entry is made- This is an Auto responder that acknowledges the user that his form has been submitted.
  • Email to admin when the entry is received.
  • Email to admin when payment is received.
  • Email to the user when an admin replies to user entry- If the admin replies to user entry the user receives an email notifying the reply.
  • Email to the user when payment is made by the user- In order to ensure that the payment made by the user has been received successfully the user is notified with an email to make sure his payment is done.

Custom Branding :  Get a logo on your form and let the brand flaunt with your form. If you have a logo just click on this section and upload the image. This section has a set of options like

Form Header Logo, Logo after entry submission (Appears on embedded forms), and Logo on Tabbed Widget Popup, Message after successful entry submits.

Upload your image on the desired option, save it and get the logo displayed with your form.

Customizing colors: Are the default colors and fonts haunting you?? Don’t you worry, because they have a wide range of colors for you to customize the form with your desired colors. Just click on the color range and get it as you want. The Advance color customization includes header color, background color, foreground color, description color, button color and a whole lot of it. If you want your form to be displayed in another font, there’s an option to change that as well. Make your choice and click on *Apply Style*. In case you are not happy with your own choice, Reset option will get you back from where you started.

Next to Settings comes the edit option.

If you want to change your field names, description or you want to add some more fields this tab allows you to do all that. Click on the edit button and get back to the interface where you can choose the fields from the field menu.

After all the editing is done if you are not happy with the form you just made there’s a Delete option that will delete your entire form.

Maintains the database:

FormGet automatically build the database and validation scripts needed to make sure the data you’re collecting will be nice and organized.

Easy and secure transaction:


Payment integration by FormGet allows collecting payments from the users through one of the most popular payment providers like PayPal. The payment features are comprehensive and gives you the flexibility to process the cards for accepting payments, collecting donations and online orders.


Got so many responsibilities? Do those thousands of queries bother you?? “Divide and Rule”! This would be perfect phrase, but in a bit different context. You can divide the work among your agents and rule with your business in the web market. Customer is the king. One of the best ways to draw in your customers is by promoting that you are available to help. With this feature you can improvise on the queries of your customers.

This feature allows you to delegate special tasks to your agents who instead will be resolving and working on your customer queries. All you have to do is to go to the ADD NEW AGENT tab and add the agent details like name email id, category and upload picture. As soon as you assign the particular category to your agent, he will get a mail notification regarding the tasks he has been assigned.

You can add as many agents and assign them different categories to handle the queries. You can also make sure that you designate only a particular section of your work to the agent and so he will be able to work on the section he has been assigned. The agent will be able to see and handle only those entries which are assigned to him. All other entries on the website will be secluded. Whenever the user shoots a query the agent assigned will get a notification on his email and so now he can log on to his FormGet account and view all those queries and reply them. This way he will be able to monitor and respond to the users in an efficient manner.

Also the user gets a notification whenever his query is responded.

This feature helps to get in touch with your customers on regular basis and get their queries resolved. Conversion is the main target here as more is the customer happy more is he going to invest in your business.

Now, what makes FormGet better than its competitors??

There might be myriad form building tools on the web market but some of the points what make FormGet better than its competitors like Wufoo and Formstack are mentioned below:

  • The interface of FormGet is very intuitive.
  • FormGet looks to be more simple and elegant in its appearance.
  • FormGet does not charge extra for the submission after the account is full. Whereas wufoo charges$ 0.05 for all the extra submissions.
  • It provides 300 free entries whereas Wufoo gives 3 form free trials and form stack provides just 14 days free trial
  • FormGet provides mobile application which allows you to take your online form with you and collect data and reports through this app
  • Helpdesk integration helps to get away from filtering countless mails and helps responding to customers in an easy and efficient manner
  • FormGet provides unlimited upload on a yearly subscription for $ 297 whereas Wufoo and formstack doesn’t provide this feature for so low price.

Watch a Short video about FormGet

Now since you have the gist of what has been written you might have a reason for getting a FormGet account now!!!